VCO-based ADC

A 74.5-dB Dynamic Range 10-MHz BW CT-ΔΣ ADC With Distributed-Input VCO and Embedded Capacitive-π Network in 40-nm CMOS

JSSC, 2021

A 0.025-mm2 0.8-V 78.5-dB SNDR VCO-Based Sensor Readout Circuit in a Hybrid PLL-ΔΣ M Structure

JSSC, 2020 (CICC invited submission)

An OTA-Less Second-Order VCO-Based CT ΔΣ Modulator Using an Inherent Passive Integrator and Capacitive Feedback

JSSC, 2020

A 174.3-dB FoM VCO-Based CT ΔΣ Modulator With a Fully-Digital Phase Extended Quantizer and Tri-Level Resistor DAC in 130-nm CMOS

JSSC, 2017